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Phoenicia Around the world – Spotlight on the India Market

August, 2018

Did you know that at any given time, a shipment of Phoenicia Glass makes its way to customers around the globe, from New Zealand to the United States?
Phoenicia exports an average of 50% of its production to countries around the world.
One of many reasons is the quality of the glass that meets strict international standards.

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The Age of Glass

May, 2018

The Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages were periods in human history, in which work methods, the use of these materials and their production were refined, and led to better usage of their characteristics and their development in the benefit of mankind. Today, glass is at the forefront of developments and innovation, and the use of glass benefits is at its peak.

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What is a spontaneous glass breakage

Jan, 2018

What is a spontaneous glass breakage? Why does this phenomenon happen and how to prevent it? and why drinking soft drinks in cans  in Phoenicia factory is strictly forbidden…?

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Phoenicia loves a good challenge!

Dec, 2017

Phoenicia manufactures glass over 80 years now; this is what Phoenicia does best, as its global customers will testify. Phoenicia is a dynamic company, always keeping up with the production technologies and the logistics of transporting the glass to its world-wide customers.

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Safety glass

June, 2017

Tempered glass is glass that has been heated and rapidly air cooled causing the glass to be four times harder than regular glass. It's also shattered to small fragments once broken so that its less dangerous than the annealed glass braking. 

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