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Interior Design

It is a big responsibility design structures that will be functional for everyday life, to choose high quality glass, without compromise on lighting, quiet and beauty. We have gathered worldwide examples of interior design for your inspiration of glass use.

To design with colors

In the past, the thought of adding color and its various features into the house included a can of paint, a brush and a professional to perform the work. Today, by using glass, 17,000 different colors can be used in the building without the need to paint the walls. Laminated glass is suitable for a variety of uses: kitchen wall coverings, interior partitions, partitions in bathrooms, glass doors and any other use requiring a durable and high-quality shade. The colored material (PVB) found between glass layers does not fade, does not scratch and does not peel off like ordinary color. Laminated glass is a safety glass that does not shatter when damaged and offers additional properties such as acoustic filtering and screening UV rays found in the sunlight.

Latest projects
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