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Ultra Clear

True Color® By Phoenicia.

Imagine a world without glass


In recent years, glass has become a preferred choice for architects and designers. The latest glass features and developments allow for a wide planning spectrum. Challenges that in the past required the use of conventional building materials, can now be solved with an elegant and prestigious solution – namely, the use of glass.

The standard commonly used flat glass has a greenish tint. This color is due to the iron content found naturally in the raw materials, and it becomes more and more dominant as the thickness of the glass increases. Consequently, this affects the real color visibility through the glass.

Phoenicia is one of very few glass manufacturers around the world with the knowledge and capability to produce this product.  Phoenicia Ultra Clear - branded in Israel and worldwide under the True Color® brand; is extremely transparent glass, colorless and neutral. These properties give the glass more than 96% clarity and very high light transmission. 

In addition, True Color® is the optimal solution when it comes to painting or printing on glass. The use of this glass ensures a color transition without impact by a glass tint. 

True Color® ultra-clear glass is the preferred choice for many uses:

  • When printing on glass, the print results will not be affected and will ensure that a true picture is received in the required colors and with perfect quality. True Color® is suitable for use in cladding elevators, in building lobbies, hotels, rooms or halls, as well as entire facades to create an artistic statement, using various print sizes.
  • When high light transmission is required in the design of skylights and light windows, glazing with True Color® will maximize performance, reduce the use of artificial lighting, and consequently reduce power consumption accordingly.
  • True Color® can be used as laminated glass, for additional features such as safety, color and acoustic filtering.
  • This glass is very common in architecture, interior design, furniture design and shower rooms.

True Color® is available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 2 to 12 millimeters. It can be tempered, bent and processed.

True Color® is produced according to the strict international standard bodies such as the ISO standard of the International Organization for Standardization, the EN standard of the European Union according to the requirements of the American standard ASTM.  

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