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Laminated Glass

Glazing is a major component of all types of buildings. Glass combined with a thin plastic film (PVB) means safety, and safety is our main aim and goal.


Phoenicia’s laminated products, also known as safety glass, are composed of two or more layers of highest quality float glass laminated with an interlayer of Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) to provide ultimate security.

Being virtually indistinguishable from monolithic glass of the same thickness, it will help to add beauty and light to any commercial or residential space.

Because laminated glass does not shatter upon impact and is resistant to breakage and remains inside its frame when sustaining shocks, it is a necessary glass product for homes and buildings that are built with the welfare of the people in mind.


  • Phoenicia Acoustic for sound control 
  • Phoenicia SunScreen for solar Absorbtion
  • Phoenicia Shades for tint in glass
  • Phoenicia Colors for color options
  • Phoenicia Impact for storms & hurricanes 
  • Low Iron Laminated Glass


  • Measurements:  standard sizes and tailor-made
  • PVB interlayer - all thicknesses are available
  • Multilayer Glass: According to specifications
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