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Expert Services

Logistic Consulting

Glass handling and shipment is a subject not to be taken lightly, and Phoenicia has decades of proven experience. We believe that logistics, safety and the security of your employees, and ours, should be foremost in our minds when planning a shipment to you. We know that every warehouse is designed differently and every production line is not set up in the same way.
Our flexibility and experience allows us to design packaging to suit your needs, which frequently involves our engineers offering new ideas and suggestions for improvements and helping to optimize your production yield. As part of our service, we authorize all methods of packaging and transportation even before your initial order.


Application Consulting

In Phoenicia, we understand that you need us to know your product and manufacturing requirements, so that the glass that you receive is in fact the glass that you order and require. The different specifications and quality management, the lamination types, and glass loading on your production line, are all taken into account even before you make your initial order. Each product for every customer is treated individually and studied in depth ensuring only the highest quality glass that fits your needs. We consider each customer to be our partner, and the product that our customers produce to be our product and for that we aim for absolute perfection.


Sample kits

When planning your product and design, you may need samples to help you and your clients reach a decision. Phoenicia has a wide range of standard samples and can, if you wish, prepare custom samples and send them at your request. Please contact us directly by filling out the details of your request so that we can arrange your shipment and dispatch it as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact us with any special need.
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