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Phoenicia Privacy

When Transparency meets the need for Discretion

In life as in design, there is a conflict between the desire to receive as much as possible while giving up as little as possible. The same applies to windows and partition ; there is a desire to design with large openings in order to allow natural light to enter and offer a sense of space, without giving up on privacy. This begs the question: To what extent is the tenant willing to reveal his home’s interior to the exterior.

Phoenicia Privacy is the optimal solution to this conflict: Ultra clear glass with a velvety texture that allows light to penetrate through it but does not reflect anything. This glass maintains a perfect combination that enables the design of large openings even in a dense urban landscape in city centers.

The uniqueness of Phoenicia Privacy is due to its exceptional processing method. Processing is performed by acid etching the surface of the glass without damaging it. Unlike other common sand blasted glasses on the market, the surface of Phoenicia Privacy is not damaged, resulting in a smooth, uniform surface that can be cleaned and requires minimal maintenance over the years.

This product is also available in two types:

  • Privacy glass based on the standard Phoenicia Clear glass
  • Privacy glass based on the Phoenicia Ultra Clear glass - True Color®. This product allows for a greater transmission of light and a higher level of beauty and aesthetics.
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