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Phoenicia Impact

To look the storm in the eye

The tremendous power of the weather has become increasingly more apparent. Hurricanes, typhoons, heavy rains and wind speeds carrying debris and objects that are collected along the way pose a real danger of hitting glass windows, penetrating them, and injuring the occupants of the house.

Phoenicia Impact was designed to withstand these threats. It is certified by international standardization institutes and tested by objects being thrown at the glass with different intensities of damage, all in order to prevent objects from penetrating it.

In cities where such threats are common, the use of Phoenicia Impact will provide security for the home, the office or any other structure and will preserve what is most precious to us. Consequently, the safest place in a storm would actually be behind the glass.

Hundreds of windows across the United States have been installed using Phoenicia Impact specifically Hurricane resistant glass, and have successfully withstood the challenges of the latest storms.

The location of the building in the danger zones, and the height of the house and its windows are variables that affect the protection requirements and, consequently, the composition of the glass. An optimal solution should be tailored to avoid the expected threat while paying attention to all the data.

Phoenicia Impact meets strict international regulatory requirements and is manufactured according to the highest safety requirements.

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