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Phoenicia Safety

Enjoying life while protecting the most precious of all

Home is the place that gives its residents a sense of protection, tranquility and security. These feelings provide a relaxed atmosphere and a sense of quality of life at home. In the past, in order to achievie these goals, one needed to compromise by living a life behind bars. Barred windows, railings and balconies were found in every house or structure and a transparent and elegant solution was not in sight.

Phoenicia Safety is a transparent, high-quality laminated glass. If it breaks, it will remain as a single unit and will not shatter in any direction and will not allow passage through it.

The features of this glass allow the entrance of light and landscape into the building, which provides a sense of spaciousness and a luxurious and elegant design; and above all, it serves as a transparent safety barrier. The use of Phoenicia Safety as a partition between rooms, staircases, balconies, and of course glazing in windows, ensures that it will not break into sharp pieces that can cause cuts; even in the small possibility that a child collides into the glass while playing or in a moment of inattention, it will prevent falling through a broken window.

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