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Phoenicia Colors

Living the inspiration through adding colors to our lives

Colors are a major tool in any design. They have a psychological effect on one’s overall feeling and help the designer to emphasize or soften reality, tell a story and convey emotion. Colors contribute beauty, character, and glamor and can transform an architectural statement into a masterpiece.

Phoenicia Colors is produced for design solutions and offers 17,000 color combinations and an extensive transparency range. It allows you to create an energizing atmosphere or a calm one; it can lend a warm or a cool feeling, and in fact the options are open to the architects so that they can express themselves, and their creativity, in the best way possible.

Using Phoenicia Colors will contribute to a new design language in interior and exterior designs.

  • Adding color to glass in railings, windows, doors, balconies and even facades can transform a building into an iconic structure, such as many famous buildings around the world.
  • Cladding the lobby of a building using Phoenicia Colors will leave a lasting impression on its visitors.
  • Hotels that combine color design provide guests with a sense of freedom and happiness, which they will never forget.
  • Adding colorful design to a work space and conference rooms, lends it uniqueness and differentiates it from other workplaces. In addition, it creates an atmosphere that can also affect workers' productivity.
  • Colored glass cladding in the kitchen or bathroom walls will upgrade the existing design.

Phoenicia Colors are manufactured using laminated glass technology, so that additional features such as safety, UV radiation filtering and even acoustic filtering features are obtained.

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