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Phoenicia Shades

Allowing the entrance of soft light while enjoying the view

Using glass in architectural design allows the natural light of the sun to enter and illuminate the structure. Transparent glass allows for high light transmission. The sun is dynamic throughout the day and illuminates the structure at different angles during its course. If sunlight is not taken as a major factor in the glass characterization process, a glare or a very bright light will occur during the day. Such situations will require the use of common shading devices such as curtains, which will result in concealing the landscape and darkening the room; thereby obscuring and eliminating all the other advantages that glass offers.

Phoenicia Shades is a glass with natural landscape shades that allows for a reduction in the intensity of sunlight penetration. Choosing Phoenicia Shades will allow control over the percentage of light inside the building and blocks the penetration of harmful UV radiation.

This product is available in 11 shades of gray, blue, green, brown and bronze that are in high demand in all markets around the world. Phoenicia Shades will maintain its colors over the years thanks to the assembly process and the use of the finest raw materials in the world.

Phoenicia Shades is produced as a laminated glass which adds to it additional features such as safety and improved acoustic filtering. Using the Phoenicia Shades will contribute to any interior and exterior design. Phoenicia Shades is suitable for a variety of uses:

  • Handrails
  • Windows and doors
  • Balconies and barriers
  • Facades and atrium cladding and glass fronts
  • Skylights
  • Conference rooms
  • Partitioning and division of rooms
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