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Low Iron Ultra Clear Glass - True Color®


When envisioning the perfect design for an interior space or an architectural project, one can easily forget the slight color distortion in ordinary float glass. 


The green tint caused by the iron content in silica sand can affect the whole design, the light transmission and the finished result. To avoid any undesirable surprises, Phoenicia developed a unique ultra-clear product - low-iron glass- with high transparency and practically void of color or shade.

True Color® by Phoenicia is specifically designed to your aesthetic vision.
True Color® is characterized by extraordinary clarity and can be used in a variety of applications and spaces.  The transparent glass with its neutral color is the key to any plan that requires true colors and clarity.
The low iron content and complete clarity offer technical advantages with an aesthetic look, and the high quality raw materials ensure the beauty and neutral appearance unique to this glass.
True Color® can be tempered, laminated and painted for all your needs, just like regular glass.
When colored or painted, True Color® displays exactly the desired color - regardless of panel thickness, and with no distortion or green tint.


Thickness: 2 -12 mm.
Measurements:  Based on the standard global measurements and the client’s specifications


  • Printed & painted glass
  • Doors and entranceways
  • Mirrors
  • Windows & Curtain walls
  • Display cases
  • High quality picture Frames
  • Handrails
  • Wall claddings
  • Solar collectors
  • Furniture applications and appliances
  • Skylights
  • Decorated glass


Manufactured according to the ISO standards, the  EN standards and is tested according to the requirements of the American Standard ASTM and others.

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