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Modern architecture relies on a generous use of glass. Homes and offices, flooded with light, contribute to our quality of life. We have gathered examples of projects from around the world for your inspiration of glass use.


In order to keep the skyline of the growing city as clean and aesthetic as possible, the widespread use of glass in skyscrapers has become obligatory. In recent years, the design of skyscrapers has become an art in itself, with each structure striving to be more impressive and sometimes even taller than its predecessor. Nowadays, the architect consider aspects of design and planning beyond just the need for high skyline. Considerations such as low energy consumption of the building, green construction and the combination of the general shape in the surrounding landscape are becoming increasingly important in the planning process. The increased use of glass, which provides a complete solution to all the environmental challenges, enables the architect to design a perfect structure that is a part of the surrounding landscape.

Latest projects
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