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The Age of Glass

Glass has a significant affect on our daily life, It is found kitchenware in cooking and baking utensils, medicine and products storage tools, and more. However, the greatest impact of glass is on the quality of the living environment. Optimal usage of glass features, will contribute to a designed, pleasant and quiet home, that is also energy efficient and contributes to a greener environment.

Glass latest developments offer smart glass that brings added value besides being a transparent barrier: The integration of polymer sheets (PVB) between two glass layers, glass coatings and installing glass into the window (glazing) will maximize glass performance.

In fact, nowadays, glass offers better performance than the conventional building materials, and is an elegant and functional solution in architecture and interior design.

Phoenicia offers glass solutions to common challenges every planner is facing, such as:

  • Sound control acoustic glass (Phoenicia Acoustic) – Is made of unique glass layers (Laminated Glass) composition with a special acoustic PVB layer that reflects sound waves and ensures quiet on the other side of the glass . Glazing with acoustic glass is necessary for maximum noise reduction. For example, glazing the windows of a building located next to a main road, with Phoenicia Acoustic glass, will achieve interior noise intensity equivalent to the silence in the library.
  • Improved thermal insulation - Smart glass can absorb the heat of the sun without significantly reducing the natural light transmission entering the room. This glass combination enables design with large window openings that bring lots of natural light and reduces artificial lighting. As a result, the combination of a lower cost for air conditioning and less artificial light will also significantly reduce electricity costs.
  • Maximum Safety – A specific combination of glass layers and PVB layers (Laminated Glass) creates a high level of safety glass (Phoenicia Safety). In case of glass breakage, the PVB layer will keep glass intact and will not allow it to disperse and so will reduce the risk of injury from cuts or falling through the glass.
  • Varied colored glass (Phoenicia Colors) - Laminated glass with a durable sun-fading protected colored PVB layer, filters 99% of UV radiation into the building and makes a unique architectural statement.


These solutions are a small part of smart uses of glass in the construction industry, many other challenges are met by a variety of glass solutions, both in glass technology and glazing technology with isolating glass units (IGU).

Phoenicia offers architects with her vast experience with glass. .

The know how of more than 80 years of experience in glass manufacturing for Israel and the world, Phoenicia offers the perfect solution for every challenge.

The Age of glass is already here, Phoenicia marches with the architects into the developing world of glass, offers the best glass solutions and accepts every challenge.

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