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Safety glass

Did you know?
Both laminated (triplex) and tempered glass considered safety glass.

Here is some information:
Tempered glass is glass that has been heated and rapidly air cooled causing the glass to be four times harder than regular glass. It's also shattered to small fragments once broken so that its less dangerous than the annealed glass braking. 

Laminated glass is a combination of two glass sheets (or more) "glued" together with a PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) Sheet, that will hold them together in case of brakeage and avoid fragments.

In addition there are different kinds of PVB giving new qualities to the glass:

  • protection from UV radiation
  • Sound control laminated glass
  • Colorful glass


safety glass is marked according to each country standard demands. One of the many safety tests that is performed daily in Phoenicia laboratory is the glass impact strength. In this test a 45 Kg shot bag falls to the glass from different heights and the glass should hold the impact and not brake. Also one can combine tempered glass as raw material in the lamination for additional strength and safety. The glass combination is usually decided by the glass or aluminum consultant with the specifications of the project. 

 Tempered vs. Laminated glass clip >>

In summery- there are pros and cons for each safety glass, Phoenicia will be happy to advise with all the data needed.
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