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Phoenicia loves a good challenge!

Phoenicia manufactures glass over 80 years now; this is what Phoenicia does best, as its global customers will testify. Phoenicia is a dynamic company, always keeping up with the production technologies and the logistics of transporting the glass to its world-wide customers.

One of Phoenicia's distinctive features is the absolute commitment to its clients, the ability to confront and solve the many logistic challenges which they present, out of sincere partnership for a mutual success.

An example for such cooperation is an Open-Glass (without a box) transporting in Israel; using Phoenicia's equipped in-loader truck.Transporting the glass without using wooden boxes enables an easy, fast and safe unloading on customers' sites. It also saves a lot of space and more importantly, it saves time of opening the boxes and placing the glass Some of Phoenicia's customers offered ideas to shorten the glass unloading process at their site. Phoenicia assembled a dedicated team to examine the alternative solutions, to the customers' satisfaction.

At the end of the process it was decided that the best solution for glass transportation is box free. A first trial of Open-Glass stands transporting was held last week, and was implemented successfully.

Want to save precious unloading time? Contact us and we will be happy to be at your service.
Think you also can challenge Phoenicia? Contact us.
Phoenicia will do it's best to provide the utmost solution.

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