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To create the perfect envelope for quality of life.
Glass quality is the most influential factor in the way we live and experience reality;
Phoenicia is committed to improving quality of life by supplying the highest quality state-of-the-art glass.


Phoenicia will serve as a lighthouse for the  Israeli market and selected global markets, by setting new standards of quality of life through innovation and sophistication in glass.

Phoenicia is committed to creating leadership while striving for excellence in its products, their quality and uncompromising customer service.



Phoenicia will serve as the expert in Israel’s glass industry and become the source of glass knowledge. Consequently, Phoenicia’s employees are committed to continually learning and enhancing their capabilities and knowledge.

Quality of Life Comes First

Understanding that the quality of its products translates into quality of life, Phoenicia will focus on the fact that its products do indeed improve the quality of life of its customers. 


Phoenicia is committed to setting measurable goals and objectives across the organization, and ensuring that the company and its staff members meet these objectives.

Personal & Business Integrity

Phoenicia believes that honest dealing is the best way to do business. Phoenicia undertakes to act fairly and transparently, while maintaining a high level of ethics - internally and externally.

A Customer-centric Approach

Phoenicia will always prefer proactivity over response, in order to ensure the full satisfaction of its customers, while providing high quality products and impeccable service.

Human Capital and Teamwork

Together, we create a culture of reciprocal commitment, both personal and professional. As a team, we respect each other's abilities and support one another. Phoenicia is committed to organizational excellence, recruiting outstanding employees, nurturing and empowering them; while maintaining an interesting, challenging and enjoyable workplace that provides job security and protecting the knowledge and experience accumulated in the process.

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