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Defense Solutions

With Phoenicia Defense, protection does not compromise natural light and design.

We understand the levels of protection needed and  provide an answer to different threats and dangers.




Taking into consideration the security and protection of the individual is our first priority. When it comes to glass in stores, in banks, in governmental facilities, military targets, or even private homes, Phoenicia Defense glass solutions will provide a protected response for this purpose.

The Phoenicia Defense products offer glass solutions for forced entry resistance, blast resistance and Bullet proof. Products that are designed to offer ultimate protection without compromising transparency.

These security products are tested and certified by International Institutes, and are manufactured according to specific designs and customers demands. In addition, Phoenicia Defense products can be integrated into any building and in the armored vehicle industry. 


Phoenicia Defense solutions are tailor-made for all security applications.


Armored solutions by Phoenicia Defense are easily fabricated and can be processed to suit almost any need.


Phoenicia Defense offers solutions is two segments

  • Architectural
  • Armored Vehicles
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