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It takes a specific expertise to manufacture glass that is thinner and therefore lighter than regular glass usually used in architectural applications.

 Glass less than 3mm thick is considered to be a  different field in the world of float glass, due to the speed of the glass run and the quality management involved.

 Thinner glass is more sensitive to minor defects that would not normally be visible , and the applications that it is used for usually require a higher level of quality so as to enable an optimal end product.


 Picture Framing

 Glass used for picture framing is sold as small sized sheets with paper interlayer, so as to assist the framers and to ease their work load.

 Thin glass is used so as to ensure clarity and minimize the barrier between the eye and the art work or picture behind the glass.


 Museum Glass

 Pieces put on show in museums are priceless, they are put on display for us to enjoy and admire, but at the same time need to be protected and out of reach.

 Phoenicias' Thin Lami-P is produced while taking into consideration the maintenance of the article being displayed and the need for the audiences' optimal visibility.

Lami-P will ensure that even if for some reason the glass casing is damaged in any way, it will indeed stay intact.


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