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Phoenicia Club Launching event

2 March, 2017 On Tuesday, March 21, 2007, “Phoenicia Club” was launched to promote the glass industry in Israel; the first meeting was devoted to the company's customers in the processing and distribution of glass, the response was unusual and more than twenty customers came to the company's plant for a fruitful discussion with the management.

Glass can tell wonderful stories and transform any space to an inspiring one.

27 February, 2017 This happened in the synagogue in Ashkelon where Blinds glass company joined the glass artist and sculptor -Jeremy Langford- to create stained glass windows in the beautiful chapel.

Phoenicia completes performance improvement process based on 5S values

2 February, 2017 As a company that strives to improve every day, we enthusiastically adopted the 5S approach, which aims to improve an organization’s competitive capabilities by focusing on continuously improving results.
This methodology is part of the LEAN management approach according to which organizations should only invest in things that are valuable to their customers, and render everything else redundant.


1 September, 2015 Related Documents

Introducing the new line of low iron glass – True Color™ By Phoenicia

1 September, 2015
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