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  Glass is historicaly known to be in existance since 3500 BCE. The flat glass itself has improved and developed from the early  glass cut from cylinders  to the  float glass that we know  and use today in almost every aspect of our quickly developing lives.


No longer the fragile transparent matter used specifically in windows, just so as to let natural light into our homes. Glass is now a main base product of everything that makes our lives more efficient, more knowledgeable and safer.


Specialized coatings have been developed  in order to make bigger and clearer screens, mist free refrigerator doors, day light lighting and smarter glass than ever. these coatings and more are being reinvented and improved on a daily basis.


So as to ensure the coatings optimization to its fullest, it must be applied on a purposely produced glass sheet. In Phoenicia we produce such glass.


The production of Phoenicias' Techno-Glass™ is a process that starts with the customers' end product specifications, and the level of performance that is expected to reach, assuring a perfect optimal match of the coating to the base glass that is manufactured according to the required Light Transmition, Thickness and Size.


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