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Armoured Vehicles
Anti bandit
Bullet Resistant

When Safety is more than just a feeling

Why put ugly metal bars on your windows when you can put the security in the window itself. Armour-P™ Anti Bandit glass is guaranteed to protect you and your loved ones against intruders and keep your window view clear at the same time.

 Government and Commercial Buildings

Government facilities and commercial buildings host hundreds and sometimes thousands of visitors on a daily basis. With so many people entering each day, the main priority is to their safety – visitors and employees alike.The ARMOUR-P™ brand does just that: designed to withstand blasts and minimize the amount of flying debris, it is a silent shield, prepared for any attack.

 Armored Vehicles and Public Transportation

Whether used to for secure transportation of cash for banks and commercial businesses, defending armed forces in hostile situations or protecting citizens traveling by public transportation to and from work or school – you can count on ARMOUR-P™.The bullet resistant glass is the finishing touch necessary for absolute security on the road, protecting your interests on the go.


Always at the frontline – intentional assaults from pry bars, hammers and chisels are no match to the tough ARMOUR-P™ Anti Bandit Glass. The unique lamination makes glass ideal for storefronts, displays, museums and archives .Upon impact, glass stays in its frame, making intrusion impossible. Public spaces are kept safe and impossible to vandalize.




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