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Security Glass

With ARMOUR-P™ by Phoenicia, protection does not compromise natural light and design.

Today's threats and dangers are developing at the speed of technology and we understand that the levels of protection must answer to them and more.

Using the most up to date technologies to ensure only the highest quality, Phoenicia's manufacturing operations adhere to strict quality control using specially designed laminating facilities for the production of ARMOUR-P™

Phoenicia's' Armour-P™ Security glass can be customized to meet your requirements. From tailor made to water-jet cutting capabilities and specialty designed framing, Phoenicia will work with you to find a solution for your most challenging projects.

ARMOUR-P™'s specially designed clad options are available for all security applications.

 While some security clad products may appear to suffice for your atheistic vision. ARMOUR-P™ offers security glass with characteristics that allow us to meet all of your architectural and design requirements while maintaining its original clarity and colour for years.

Security solutions by Phoenicia are easily fabricated and can be processed to fit almost any architectural design.


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