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Interior Design

delicate design on White splashback
Laminated Floor with UltraClear™
Shower doors

While planning your design you envision the perfect colours and natural light, with phoenicias' glass products what ever you imagined will become a reality when the design is completed.


Positioning interior partitions that won’t compromise the amount of light in a room can be tricky. While creating the inner dividers will ensure privacy – for example, in the workplace – the use of natural light is critical both for the workers’ output and for reducing energy costs.

Whether you’re looking to bring the natural light indoors or seeking a frosted design for greater privacy - Digi-P™, and our wide range of clear and tinted Lami-P™ offer unique properties for use as walls and wall covering.

 Kitchens and Bathrooms

Phoenicias' True Color™ Low iron Glass is the natural choice for your white splashbacks, this low iron glass will assure a true white colour just as it was meant to be.

Printed glass solutions are a sure bet. Digi-P™,   lets plenty of light through, completing the design of any space , with or without our Lami-P™ colour range that  will add extra security for your splashbacks and partitions that by the way, never looked better.

All you have to do is 'dream it', and the digital printer will do the rest.You can be sure that your dream will turn into a reality in no time at all.

 Furniture and Showcases

Create a winning formula by combining the best of both worlds.

 True Color™ and Lami-P™ glass products can be applied to furnishing pieces and showcases: Glass display perfect clarity, with virtually no distortion over time, to act as an ideal encasement with a perfect finish.

 Floors and Railings

More resistant than  tempered glass  Lam-P™UC is ideal for flooring and railings. The clarity of the glass  makes it the ultimate glass product also for tabletops and public spaces.

The choices really are endless if you let your imagination flow.

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