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Automotive Glass

Clarity is essential
distortion free for all weather conditions


A clear and undistorted view of the road is an essential requirement for glass used in vehicles, not an easy task for most float glass producers but Phoenicia faces this challange admirably.

Due to the high level of technology required to prevent a lens like distortion when the glass is bent to create the curved streamline shape that is now the standard of todays' automobile designs . 

So as to meet these requirements, Phoenicia takes the upmost care during the production of glass for automotive, taking into consideration the direction of the glass line the shape of the glass sheet and the high quality requirement of the glass, thus avoiding the undesired distortion that would otherwise occur during the bending process of the windshield.

Studying and understanding the customers' manufacturing line and capabilities is part of Phoenicias' glass production process and when producing glass for the windshield manufacturers the knowledge is used so as to ensure total customer satisfaction.



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