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Sound Control Glass - Lami-P™-SC

It is a noisy world that we live in, whether it is the air or road traffic, public spaces or factory works, people inside the building are forever looking to keep the sounds out.


The level of the sound is measured in units known as dB (decibels) and is on the logarithmic scale. According to this scale any difference in sound above 3dB is perceptable.

Phoenicia's Lami-P™-SC is specificaly designed to make your home, office , work space or place of leasure a more pleasant place to be in.

Monolithic glass is a relatively light substance and is also hard, therefore allows sound to pass quite easily.

PVB interlayer is a soft and flexible substance and Sound Control PVB is designed with additional features so as to prevent noise passing through and eliminating the sound level  by approximately 50%

 *Sound is a wave phenomenon characterized in frequencies (Hz), speed (approximately 340m/sec through air)amplitude  (amount of energy in the sound wave).

 Phoenicia's Lami-P™- SC is the ultimate solution it is an excellent combination of Safety and Acoustic performance with all of the benefits of Lami-P™ (Laminated Glass), and can be combined with Lami-P™-SG and any of our tinted interlayers for added desirable effects.

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