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Blast Resistant Glass

Armour-P™-Blast Resistant Glass is glazing that consist of laminated glass that is designed to remain attached to the mullion in case of breakage caused by an explosion.

Following an explosion there is nothing more dangerous than flying shards. Phoenicia's Armour-P™ blast resistant windows are designed to absorb the energy generated by a bomb blast and to protect occupants from glass fragmentation typically caused by high explosive detonations.

Armour-P Blast Resistant Glass offers arrange of benefits for the protection of civilian populations in protected spaces, and for the protection of sensitive installations in both the civilian and military sectors.

Such installations include:

ARMOUR-P – Blast Resistant Glass by Phoenicia offers its customers solutions that are as comprehensive as they are effective. With the benefit of field-proven know how, our technical team is always available to consult with regarding all needs and requirements.

Once the required resistance level is determined, Phoenicia is able to provide a product that fully meets all of the requirements and criterions, assuring that the correct installations are used as is essential when using Blast Resistant Glass.

Phoenicia Flat Glass Industries Ltd. prides itself in supplying its customers with total solutions and a full guarantee on the finished installation. Additional features can be added such as bullet resistance glass and/or forced entry resistance glass.

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