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Forced Entry Resistant Glass

Forced Entry Glass Resistant Glass is a multiple lamination of glass and plastic designed to resist penetration from physical attack.

Whether you are trying to prevent forced entry or detain criminals Phoenicia's forced entry is the glass of your choice. Designed to withstand prolonged intentional impact or assault from tools such as:

ARMOUR-P™ Forced Entry Resistant glass is in high demand for a variety of market sectors, from shop display windows to residential and institutional windows and doors.

 Installations include:


 Phoenicia's forced entry resistant glass has proven to be effective in resisting against bandit attacks of all kinds.

 ARMOUR-P™ Forced Entry Resistant glass by
Phoenicia meets all architectural requirements and specifications, including special architectural glass and due to the unique compositions it is possible to offer the highest protection without having to install the commonly used unattractive metal bars.

Protective glass can be installed into regular frames without giving away the secret and nature of the shield. 



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