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Float Glass

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Phoenicia’s flat glass is manufactured using the latest advances in glass-making technology, ensuring highest quality glass with a flat and smooth surface.

Clear Float glass made by Phoenicia is extremely convenient to work with thanks to Phoenicias' unique manufacturing process. Compared to other glass products, it is easily fabricated to client’s specifications.

There is no substitute to glass, due to its' magnificent characteristics the quality and clarity that it offers will last for years without the discolouration or deformation that  look alike plastic products would surely endure

Float glass can be used in a variety of applications and is easily adjusted to a specific requirement: lamination, low emissivity (Low-E), tempering, reflectivity, security, silk screening with ceramic colors, heat treatment and insulating glass.


* Phoenicia’s flat glass products carry CE marking.







Thickness: 2-12mm.

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