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Phoenicia Club Launching event

2 March, 2017

On Tuesday, March 21, 2007, “Phoenicia Club” was launched to promote the glass industry in Israel; the first meeting was devoted to the company's customers in the processing and distribution of glass, the response was unusual and more than twenty customers came to the company's plant for a fruitful discussion with the management. The club was established in order to listen to the needs of various stakeholders in the field of glass, such as glaziers, glass processors, architects, designers, consultants and others, and together to promote the glass industry in Israel.
In this meeting, the participants were able to see the process of producing glass from the sand grains to the robots packing the finished glass. After the tour, a discussion was held and the participants raised questions from various fields such as the quality issues.
In an in-depth lecture by the Chief Technology Officer of the plant, Mr. Mario Resch, the factors influencing the glass from the production process, through its processing and to its installation in the homes were raised and explained.


Mr. Resch referred to the meticulous quality control process of Phoenicia and to the many quality tests carried out by the Standards Institution of Israel and international institutes that determine the quality standards in countries such as the USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand where Phoenicia is committed to being a quality exporter.

Phoenicia sees the advancement of the glass industry in Israel as an important goal, and it continues to work to create solutions that suit the needs of this market. The Phoenicia Club will meet several times a year in order to create a platform for a regular dialogue between all the parties. And in the future the club will also host private glass consumers.
Keep track of the company's news and will keep you posted till our next meeting ...


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