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Phoenicia completes performance improvement process based on 5S values

2 February, 2017

Phoenicia completes performance improvement process based on 5S values As a company that strives to improve every day, we enthusiastically adopted the 5S approach, which aims to improve an organization’s competitive capabilities by focusing on continuously improving results. This methodology is part of the LEAN management approach according to which organizations should only invest in things that are valuable to their customers, and render everything else redundant. What are the five principles? Sort – sort and dispose – define what’s important and dispose of the rest Set in order – locate and mark – everything has a place and everything is in its place Shine – polish and clean – maintain a clean working environment at the end of each work day/shift Standardize – establish – schedule cleaning and maintenance activities in the work environment Sustain – implement – adopt the method as a way of life What are the benefits? Contributes to a clean, organized, safe and convenient environment for work and movement Improves organizational performance (outputs, LT, depreciation, and more) Utilizes visual management methods Empowers employees to enhance engagement, motivation and innovation Improves communication between employees Improves product quality Disposes of equipment and parts that are not required, need to be maintained and take up precious space Reduces excess inventory that conceals real issues

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